Sports Agent Case Study

Part I. Let’s Develop a Topic for Possible Publication*

Key Topic: Research and Resolution: Find a Topic or Issue in the Sports Agent Field for Publication

Choose from a list of current events or choose your own topic based on your personal interests. Perhaps your goal may be solve an issue in the sports agent field that requires special attention. Or, maybe you want to compare and contrast historic athlete salaries from the major professional sports league. The floor is yours.

Assignment: Plan of attack: Prepare and upload a structured outline for your interested topic

Discussion: Schedule a live telephone call to discuss your personal interests, where you want to take your work, and how we can do it (2 hours)

Feedback: Review feedback of structured outline; prepare for draft of paper

Part II. Drafting of Paper*

Assignment: Prepare and upload draft of paper

Feedback: Review feedback of draft and begin to finalize paper

Part III. Final Paper*

Assignment: Prepare and upload final paper

Feedback: Review feedback and comments on final paper; get ready for possible publication